Refrigerator Prices in Sri Lanka

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LG Inverter Refrigerator 258L - K272SLBB

Rs. 231,722   at
LG Inverter Refrigerator 308L - M332RPZI

Rs. 347,034   at
LG Refrigerator 308L Shiny Steel - GLM332RPZI

Rs. 209,900   at
LG Refrigerator 310L Shiny Steel - GLM332RPZI

Rs. 219,900   at
LG Refrigerator Shiny Steel  471L- GLM503PZI

Rs. 359,900   at
New Innovex 180L Fridge Double Door Refrigerator

Rs. 87,500   at
Refrigerator 260 ltr

Rs. 192,990   at

Refrigerator Price List 2024

Latest Refrigerator Models Price
Innovex Refrigerator 250L inverter no frost Double door - INR240I Rs. 134,900
Innovex Refrigerator 250 De Frost - Grey - Idr240 Rs. 95,370
Samsung Double Door Refrigerator - 253L - No Frost Inverter - Blue Rs. 234,390
Samsung 345L Double Door Refrigerator with Digital Inverter - RT37 M5532S9 Rs. 322,750
Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195- Desert Sand Rs. 94,999
Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195- Blue Lilly Rs. 87,999
Innovex 240l Double Door Refrigerator IDR240 Rs. 108,900
Samsung 192L Single Door Refrigerator - REFRR19T10CAUT/IG-S Rs. 99,999
Innovex Refrigerator 180L Single Door - Grey - Idr180S Rs. 81,150
Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195- Blue Lilly-10 years damro warranty Rs. 94,999