Refrigerator Prices in Sri Lanka

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Innovex 240L Top Mount Refrigerator - DDN-240

Rs. 126,990   at
Innovex 250L Refrigerator - White

Rs. 132,900   at
Innovex Inverter Refrigerator 250L

Rs. 138,420   at
Innovex Refrigerator Double Door - 180L

Rs. 104,950   at

Refrigerator Price List 2024

Latest Refrigerator Models Price
Innovex Refrigerator 250L inverter no frost Double door - INR240I Rs. 134,900
Innovex Refrigerator 250 De Frost - Grey - Idr240 Rs. 95,370
Samsung Double Door Refrigerator - 253L - No Frost Inverter - Blue Rs. 234,390
Samsung 345L Double Door Refrigerator with Digital Inverter - RT37 M5532S9 Rs. 322,750
Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195- Desert Sand Rs. 94,999
Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195- Blue Lilly Rs. 87,999
Innovex 240l Double Door Refrigerator IDR240 Rs. 108,900
Samsung 192L Single Door Refrigerator - REFRR19T10CAUT/IG-S Rs. 99,999
Innovex Refrigerator 180L Single Door - Grey - Idr180S Rs. 81,150
Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195- Blue Lilly-10 years damro warranty Rs. 94,999