Woman Shapers Prices in Sri Lanka

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Bodykerves- Slimlift Shaper Bra Top
Rs. 2,100   at       Takas.lk
Catchme Neotex Hot Shapers Vest
Rs. 790,790   at       daraz.lk
Catchme Posture Corrector
Rs. 14,901,500   at       daraz.lk
Citrine Slim Wear Buttock Shaper
Rs. 1,196   at       wow.lk
Joerex I Care Hula Hoop Purple JIC020
Rs. 2,630   at       wow.lk
Lesh Fashion Body Shaper Slim Belt Shapewear
Rs. 16,501,600   at       daraz.lk
Nature's Secrets Rajayu Body Shaper
Rs. 450   at       daraz.lk
scomzone Slimming Lift Body Shaper
Rs. 750   at       daraz.lk
The Little Gadget Shop Neotex Hot Shapers Vest
Rs. 1,500   at       daraz.lk
Unex Lanka Tradings Women's Slimming Belt
Rs. 700,700   at       daraz.lk