Weighing & Measuring Prices in Sri Lanka

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Budry Counter Trade Scale  BTS-10KG
Rs. 4,699   at       Singer
Budry Counter Trade Scale  BTS-5KG
Rs. 4,699   at       Singer
BUDRY Electronic Scale 15kg BES-WP15
Rs. 23,999   at       wow.lk
BUDRY Electronic Scale 15kg BES-WPGR15M
Rs. 26,499   at       wow.lk
BUDRY Electronic Scale Dual Range BES-Z72
Rs. 26,999   at       wow.lk
BUDRY Electronic Scale Triple range BES-WP15T
Rs. 29,999   at       wow.lk
Budry Electronic Trade Scale  BES-Z72
Rs. 24,299   at       Singer
BUDRY Hanging Trade Scale
Rs. 4,799   at       wow.lk
Budry Hanging Trade Scale  BHS-100KG
Rs. 4,799   at       Singer
Electronic Health Scale : EB9362 - 150 KG
Rs. 1,500   at       Takas.lk
KAI Fish Scaler-DH7134
Rs. 760   at       wow.lk
Kitchen Scale Plastic 5Kg - Analog
Rs. 95   at       wow.lk
Living Concepts Glass Baster - 8575
Rs. 676   at       daraz.lk
Mybuy lk Electric Luggage Scale
Rs. 1,438   at       daraz.lk
One Stop lk 50 KG Portable Luggage Scale 2101
Rs. 1,238   at       daraz.lk
Other Digital Kitchen Scale
Rs. 950   at       daraz.lk
Other Digital Kitchen Scale
Rs. 975   at       daraz.lk
Other Digital Scale with Measuring Cup
Rs. 2,100   at       daraz.lk
Other Electric Kitchen Scale With Bowl
Rs. 1,315   at       daraz.lk
Other Electronic Digital Scale
Rs. 1,874   at       daraz.lk