Weighing & Measuring Prices in Sri Lanka

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Digital Kitchen Scale
Rs. 699   at       daraz.lk
Digital Luggage Scale - Black
Rs. 650   at       daraz.lk
Digital Personal Weight Scale
Rs. 1,950   at       Takas.lk
Digital Weighing Scale WS50
Rs. 3,800   at       wow.lk
Electric Kitchen Scale With Bowl
Rs. 1,049   at       wow.lk
Electronic Kitchen Scale (SF-400)
Rs. 765   at       wow.lk
Iscale Digital Weight Scale
Rs. 1,490   at       wow.lk
Kitchen Metre Scale Plastic
Rs. 576   at       Takas.lk
Kitchen Scale 10kg - White
Rs. 1,000   at       daraz.lk
MI Enterprises Scale Electronic Kitchen
Rs. 765   at       daraz.lk
other Digital Kitchen Scale
Rs. 790   at       daraz.lk
other Electronic Kitchen Scale (Sf-400)
Rs. 999   at       daraz.lk
Portable Digital Hanging Scale
Rs. 550   at       daraz.lk
Portable Digital Luggage Scale - Black
Rs. 1,200   at       daraz.lk
Sanford Kitchen Scale SF-1511IKS 5kg
Rs. 2,690   at       wow.lk
Sanford Personal Scale SF-1515FPS
Rs. 2,990   at       wow.lk
Sanford Personal Scale SF-1525SPS
Rs. 3,390   at       wow.lk
Sanford Personal Scale SF-1530PS
Rs. 2,990   at       wow.lk
Sf 400A Kitchen Scale - 7Kg / 1G
Rs. 1,250   at       daraz.lk