USB Cable Prices in Sri Lanka

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Anker - Powerline Micro USB 3ft
Rs. 1,445   at       Omentra
Baseus Black Magnetic Lightning Cable
Rs. 1,990   at
Rs. 5,750   at
Ext Hard Disk USB3.0 1.5M Cable(NW
Rs. 750   at       barclays
External sata TO USB Cable (3M)
Rs. 1,400   at       barclays
Hoco Upa02 Aux Cable 100Cm
Rs. 2,000   at
Hoco Upa02 Spring Aux Cable 200Cm
Rs. 2,000   at
Hoco Upl12 Rapid Charging Cable 3In1
Rs. 2,625   at
Hoco X1 Rapid Charging Cable
Rs. 2,000   at
Hoco X10 Starfish Three Connector Chargin
Rs. 2,188   at
Hoco X4 Zinc Alloy Rhombic Charging Cable
Rs. 2,000   at
Hoco X4 Zinc Alloy Rhombic Charging Cable
Rs. 2,438   at
Hoco X5 Bamboo Charging Cable 1M
Rs. 1,813   at
Hoco X9 Rapid Charging Lightning Cable 1M
Rs. 1,625   at
other 4 Port USB Data Hub
Rs. 450   at
Other Black Micro USB Data Cable
Rs. 492   at
Other Pack of 5 2.0 4 Port USB Hub
Rs. 1,800   at
Other Smart OTG For Android
Rs. 891   at
Other USB Data Sync Charging Cable
Rs. 160   at
Remax CATI 2.0 Multiport Usb Hub RU-U4
Rs. 1,990   at