Tool & Hardware Prices in Sri Lanka

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08 Pcs Tool Box
Rs. 875   at
Asian Hardware Ss Standard Hood
Rs. 9,250   at
Bosch All-in-One Metal 108 Piece Hand Tool Kit
Rs. 7,400   at
CALA Cosmetics Wedges 16pcs
Rs. 390   at
CALA Cutical Nipper
Rs. 1,630   at
CALA Cuticle Nipper With Gold Handle
Rs. 890   at
Coco Pole Full Set
Rs. 10,610   at
Cordless Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver
Rs. 2,475   at
DeWalt Circular Saw D23700
Rs. 58,900   at
DeWalt Circular Saw DWE560
Rs. 28,453   at
DeWalt Die Grinder D28886
Rs. 62,653   at
DeWalt Impact Wrench DW292
Rs. 56,003   at
DeWalt Impact Wrench DW294
Rs. 66,453   at
DeWalt Measuring Tool DW03050
Rs. 33,250   at
DeWalt Planer D26676
Rs. 33,250   at
easyhome Electric Planer INGCO PL6001
Rs. 8,690   at
Emergency Light - 2 Head Single LED
Rs. 1,390   at
Gardena 3102-20 Combisystem Fan Rake
Rs. 2,600   at
Gardena 399-20 Comfort Boxwood Secateurs
Rs. 4,190   at
Gardena 8001-20 60 TS Set Classic Hose Trolley
Rs. 19,730   at