Snack Prices in Sri Lanka

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Al Ameera Halawa With Pistachio 200g
Rs. 715   at
Asda Asda breakfast biscuits cocoa - 300g
Rs. 760   at
Asda Asda honey nut corn flakes 500g
Rs. 810   at
Asda Asda slightly salted rice cakes
Rs. 520   at
Asda Breakfast biscuits milk & cereals  300g
Rs. 760   at
Asda Wheat Bisks 432g - 24pcs
Rs. 1,195   at
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 100g
Rs. 650   at
Fox's Triple Variety Cream Biscuits 450g
Rs. 650   at
Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate 90g
Rs. 650   at
Kinder Bueno 3 Pack
Rs. 600   at
London Delights Butter Cookies
Rs. 805   at
Nakd. 4 Raw Fruit & Nut Wholefood Bars
Rs. 720   at
Other Jacobs flatbreads mixed seed 150g
Rs. 490   at
Other Nairn's fine milled oatcakes 250g
Rs. 615   at