Sewing Machine Prices in Sri Lanka

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Sewing Machine Price List 2021

Latest Sewing Machine Models Price
REGNIS 3 Thread Overlock Machine Rs. 18,999
ZOJE Interlock Machine Rs. 189,999
ZOJE 1 Needle 3 Thread Narrow Hew Overlock Machine MCZJB9500-16S2 Rs. 125,899
ZOJE 3 Needle 6 Thread Overlock Machine MCZJB9500-355 Rs. 136,799
SDY Ultrasonic Sewing/Lace Machine JT-60-S Rs. 239,599
Singer Sewing Machine Zig Zag, 25 Built In Stiches, Without Motor Rs. 57,499
Singer Sewing Machine MC984 - Zig Zag, 25 Built In Stiches, With Motor Rs. 58,899
ZOJE Multi Needle Machine MCZJ008-12064 Rs. 264,499
ZOJE Waist Band Machine MCZJ008-04064 Rs. 252,999
Singer Sewing Machine Portable, 200 Built In Stiches (SC220) Rs. 52,724