Power bank Prices in Sri Lanka

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awei p27k power bank

Rs. 4,300   at       laptop.lk
awei p28k    power bank

Rs. 4,500   at       laptop.lk
awei p59k wireless charging   power bank

Rs. 7,000   at       laptop.lk
awei p61k power bank

Rs. 3,500   at       laptop.lk
awei p69k   power bank

Rs. 7,000   at       laptop.lk
awei p70k power bank

Rs. 6,300   at       laptop.lk
awei p76k power bank

Rs. 5,000   at       laptop.lk
Budi Power Bank with Travel Kit

Rs. 4,800   at       Takas.lk
MI Power Bank 20000mAh - 18W Fast Charging

Rs. 4,899   at       daraz.lk
Mi PowerBank 3 10000mah

Rs. 3,335   at       Takas.lk
Mi PowerBank 3 20000mah

Rs. 5,635   at       Takas.lk
model p45k powerbank

Rs. 5,800   at       laptop.lk
model p71k wireless charging power bank

Rs. 9,400   at       laptop.lk
Power Bank-ADATA Elite W/L CE700 (6M)

Rs. 5,500   at       barclays
Remax RPL-12 Power Bank - Lipmax

Rs. 1,012   at       Takas.lk
Singer Power Bank 5000MAH

Rs. 2,499   at       Singer
Unic Power Bank 12000MAH

Rs. 3,699   at       Singer
Xiaomi 10000mah Wireless Power Bank

Rs. 6,490   at       Takas.lk