Mobile Charger Prices in Sri Lanka

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Anker 18W Dual Port Charger White 71AN1852W-WA
Rs. 1,490   at
Anker 24W 2-Port USB Charger Uk
Rs. 5,364   at
Anker Powerport + 5 USB - c Charger UK
Rs. 8,539   at
Apple Apple Magsafe 1 2 Power Adapter 45W Hq
Rs. 8,500   at
Apple Apple Magsafe 1 2 Power Adapter 60W
Rs. 15,000   at
Apple Lightning To Sd Card Camera Reader
Rs. 7,500   at
Apple USB Power Adapter
Rs. 2,100   at
Baseus Small Trumpet 3.1A Grey Car Charger
Rs. 1,800   at
Baseus USB C Magnetic Cable - Black
Rs. 1,971   at
Belkin Belkin 2 Port Charger
Rs. 1,000   at
Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch
Rs. 17,005   at
Belkin Power House For Apple Watch And iphones
Rs. 17,436   at
Belkin Wireless Charger 15w - Black
Rs. 11,795   at
Belkin Wireless Charger 5w For Apple Products
Rs. 16,410   at
Data Sync Cable for Apple iPhone 5/5S/6/6+
Rs. 2,100   at
Forme Fast Samsung Charger
Rs. 1,699   at
Hoco C12 Dual Usb Charger
Rs. 1,625   at
Hoco C12 Dual Usb Charger With Lightning
Rs. 2,250   at
Hoco C4  Dual Usb Travel Charger
Rs. 3,625   at