Massage & Relaxation Prices in Sri Lanka

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BUYNET Mimo Electric Mini Massager
Rs. 450   at
Deals Today Mimo Portable Mini Massager
Rs. 330   at
Doctor Air Eye Massager
Rs. 17,940   at
Doctor-Air Electric Air Pressure Eye Massager 
Rs. 16,999   at
Electric Foot Massager
Rs. 26,000   at
Forme Dual Back Scrubber
Rs. 890   at
Forme Massage Shawls
Rs. 2,699   at
HTC Callus Remover
Rs. 1,995   at
KLEARA Face Massage Gel 100ml
Rs. 800   at
Merlin Eye Massager Premium
Rs. 11,858   at
Merlin Sonic Massage Chair
Rs. 83,340   at
Moov Rapid Relief – 50gm
Rs. 1,290   at
MULTI DEAL Electric Body Cleaner and Massager
Rs. 1,250   at
nOw lk Head & Neck Stress Release Massager
Rs. 450   at
nOw lk Neckline Massager
Rs. 800   at