Lunch Box Prices in Sri Lanka

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Catchme Electric Lunch Box
Rs. 1,171   at
Flora Air Seal Containers Set of 2
Rs. 582   at
Kidscart lk Three Layer Lunch Box – Red
Rs. 680   at
Kitchen Art Belley Pyramid Tiffin
Rs. 1,384   at
Kitchen Art Tiffin Carrier
Rs. 3,309   at
Magic Bullet Electric Lunch Box
Rs. 4,000   at
Minion Lunch Box
Rs. 470   at
Olympic Gold Casserole  DLX  2500 ml.
Rs. 1,235   at
Olympic Gold Casserole  DLX  6000 ml.
Rs. 2,706   at
Other 3 Layer Launch Box
Rs. 1,561   at
Other Ceramic Tiffin
Rs. 2,700   at
Other Electric Lunch Box
Rs. 1,425   at
Other Electric Lunch Box
Rs. 1,432   at
Other Green Lunch Box
Rs. 625   at
Other Lunch Box
Rs. 250   at
Other Lunch Box - 3 Layer
Rs. 990   at
Other Lunch Box - Green
Rs. 9,375   at
Other Lunch Box - Pink
Rs. 160   at
Other Lunch Box Plastic
Rs. 375   at
Other Multi Grid Lunch Box
Rs. 980   at