Knife Prices in Sri Lanka

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Baoci Ceramic Knife
Rs. 1,590   at
Catchme 13-Piece Miracle Knife Set
Rs. 1,894   at
Hendi Cheese Knife
Rs. 2,475   at
M CoCo Knife Rack
Rs. 2,700   at
Other 5 Pcs Knife Set With Stand
Rs. 5,688   at
Other 5Pcs Knife Set With Stand - Black
Rs. 5,688   at
Other Aero Knife
Rs. 899   at
Other Aero Knife
Rs. 699   at
Other Chef Knife
Rs. 342   at
Other Fish Knife With Scale Remover
Rs. 315   at
Other Kitchen Stand Knife
Rs. 500   at
Other Kiwi Knife
Rs. 380   at
Other Kiwi Knife (L)
Rs. 420   at
Other Stand Kitchen Knife
Rs. 580   at
Stanley Original Knife
Rs. 1,154   at
Supersavings Circular Knife
Rs. 990   at
Tramontina 23079103 Peeling Knife
Rs. 325   at
Tramontina 24602185 5” Boning Fillet Knife
Rs. 2,190   at
Tramontina 24603186 6” Boning Fillet Knife
Rs. 2,690   at