Kitchen Appliance Prices in Sri Lanka

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Casserole with Glass Lid
Rs. 2,430   at
Rs. 9,515   at
Rs. 4,675   at
EZ Jet Water Cannon
Rs. 1,250   at
Frosting Deco Pen
Rs. 1,350   at
Frying Pan with Silver Lid
Rs. 2,016   at
Hafele Nagold BRENZ 60 60cm
Rs. 45,619   at
Hafele Nagold ESTA 90 90cm
Rs. 78,944   at
Hopper Pan-Deep 15772
Rs. 1,800   at
Jasper Juice Press
Rs. 6,600   at
Kadai with Stainless Steel Lid
Rs. 2,565   at
KAI Kitchen Scissor DH7156
Rs. 972   at
Kundhan Wick Stove
Rs. 2,744   at
Multi-functional Movable Base
Rs. 2,500   at
Other Portable USB Air Conditioner
Rs. 750   at
Prestige Kadai Sauce Pan With Lid  NCPDG-KD240
Rs. 3,329   at       Singer
Prestige Milk Pan With Lid  NCPDG-MP160
Rs. 2,339   at       Singer
Prestige Sauce Pan With Lid  NCPDG-SP240
Rs. 3,599   at       Singer