Keyboard Prices in Sri Lanka

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Apple Magic Keyboard

Rs. 29,382   at
Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric

Rs. 34,102   at
Asus RA04 TUF Gaming K1 Keyboard

Rs. 8,050   at
Casio High Grade Arranger Keyboard MZ-X300

Rs. 134,999   at       Singer
Casio High Grade Keyboard CTK-7200

Rs. 83,724   at       Singer
Casio Mini Keyboard SA-46 Green

Rs. 7,649   at       Singer
Casio Mini Keyboard SA-47 Gray

Rs. 7,649   at       Singer
Casio Mini Keyboard SA-76 Orange

Rs. 9,774   at       Singer
Casio Mini Keyboard SA-77 Gray

Rs. 9,774   at       Singer
Casio Standard Keyboard CTK-1550

Rs. 23,374   at       Singer
Dell Wired Multimedia Keyboard KB216 (Black)

Rs. 1,099   at       Singer
Hercules Keyboard Stand KS120

Rs. 8,499   at       Singer
hp k2500 wireless keyboard

Rs. 3,700   at
hp keyboard 100

Rs. 2,000   at
Keyboard-A4 Tech KM-720 USB Blk (1Y)

Rs. 1,300   at       barclays
Keyboard-A4 Tech KM72620 USB Combo (1Y

Rs. 1,800   at       barclays
Keyboard-A4 Tech TK-5 Numeric (6M)

Rs. 1,000   at       barclays
Keyboard-A4 Tech W/L 9300F Combo (6M)

Rs. 3,300   at       barclays
Keyboard-Asus Cerberus USB Gaming(1Y)

Rs. 7,700   at       barclays
Keyboard-Delux K6010 Sinhala/Tamil (6M)

Rs. 1,500   at       barclays