DSLR Camera Prices in Sri Lanka

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Canon 5D Mark IV Body
Rs. 486,667   at       daraz.lk
Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-105mm lens
Rs. 665,497   at       daraz.lk
Canon 6d Body
Rs. 183,784   at       daraz.lk
Canon 6D Body - Black
Rs. 209,357   at       daraz.lk
Canon 6d Mark II Body
Rs. 275,676   at       daraz.lk
Canon 6d Mark II With 24-105mm Is II Usm Kit
Rs. 394,595   at       daraz.lk
Canon EOS 1300D 18-55MM Kit
Rs. 60,556   at       daraz.lk
Canon Eos 1300d With 18-55mm Lens Kit
Rs. 60,541   at       daraz.lk
Canon Eos 70d Body A
Rs. 124,324   at       daraz.lk
Canon EOS 750d  18-55mm
Rs. 97,838   at       daraz.lk
Canon EOS 750D 18-55MM STM Lens kit
Rs. 101,112   at       daraz.lk
Canon EOS 77d Body
Rs. 134,054   at       daraz.lk
Canon EOS 7d Mark II Body
Rs. 200,000   at       daraz.lk
Canon Eos 8000d Body
Rs. 91,892   at       daraz.lk
Canon Eos 80d  18-135mm
Rs. 194,595   at       daraz.lk
Canon EOS 80D With 18-55 MM Lens
Rs. 165,556   at       daraz.lk
Canon Eos M10 With M15-45mm Lens Kit
Rs. 70,270   at       daraz.lk
Canon IXUS 185
Rs. 17,297   at       daraz.lk
Canon Ixy 130
Rs. 17,838   at       daraz.lk
Canon Power Shot Sx60hs
Rs. 61,081   at       daraz.lk