Cloth Rack Prices in Sri Lanka

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3 Layer Powder Coated Cloth Rack
Rs. 4,250   at
8Pcs Of Wonder Hanger Closet Organizer
Rs. 650   at
Composite Clothes Hanger
Rs. 4,490   at
Double Pole Clothes Rack
Rs. 2,490   at
Forme Multi-functional Cloth Rack
Rs. 2,499   at
Forme Wonder Hanger 8 Pcs
Rs. 650   at
Hanging Foldable Clothes Rack
Rs. 550   at
High Quality Foldable Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 2,640   at
Lino lk Floating Clothes Rack
Rs. 600   at
Lino lk Three Layer Clothes Rack
Rs. 3,740   at
Mobile Folding Rack
Rs. 2,280   at
Other 3 Tier Mesh Hanging Storage
Rs. 450   at
Other Air O Dry Clothes Dryer
Rs. 5,865   at
Other Cloths Rack
Rs. 2,188   at
Other Double Pole Cloth Rack
Rs. 2,700   at
Other Huayida Double Door Hanger
Rs. 1,190   at
Other Multifunctional Clothes Rack - White
Rs. 2,124   at
Other Pack of 5 - 3 Tier Mesh Handging Storage
Rs. 1,980   at
Other Single Pole Cloth Rack
Rs. 2,200   at
SS\u2122 Composite Clothes Hanger
Rs. 4,200   at