Cloth Rack Prices in Sri Lanka

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Double Pole Clothing Rack
Rs. 2,900   at
GIMI Crono X-legs Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 6,210   at
GIMI Zaffiro X-legs Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 10,870   at
High Quality Foldable Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 2,450   at
House Cloth Dryer
Rs. 3,990   at
Other Cloths Rack
Rs. 2,188   at
Other Double Pole Cloth Rack
Rs. 2,700   at
Other Double-Pole Clothes Rack
Rs. 2,200   at
Other Multifunctional Clothes Rack - White
Rs. 2,124   at
Other Single Pole Cloth Rack
Rs. 2,200   at
Other Stainless Steel Driying Rack
Rs. 2,400   at
Sunbeam Aluminium Clothes Drying Rack
Rs. 4,700   at
Supersavings Composite Clothes Hanger
Rs. 4,365   at
Supersavings Three Layer Clothes Rack
Rs. 5,365   at
Tanro Stainless Steel Dryer Rack
Rs. 5,390   at
Tramontina 91854182 Drying Rack With Wings
Rs. 8,190   at