Ceiling Light Prices in Sri Lanka

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ADNEXT 3W LED Surface Ceiling Light Day Light
Rs. 2,500   at       daraz.lk
ADNEXT 3W LED Surface Ceiling Light Warm Light
Rs. 2,500   at       daraz.lk
ADNEXT 4W LED Ceiling  Day Light
Rs. 3,125   at       daraz.lk
ADNEXT 4W LED Ceiling  Warm Light
Rs. 3,125   at       daraz.lk
Bright LED Panel Lights
Rs. 760   at       daraz.lk
Chandelier 54703-5H
Rs. 26,100   at       wow.lk
Chandelier 60207-5
Rs. 25,650   at       wow.lk
Chandelier 69003-2W Wall Bracket
Rs. 4,113   at       wow.lk
Chandelier 69003-5
Rs. 15,075   at       wow.lk
Chandelier 69003-8
Rs. 23,598   at       wow.lk
Chandelier 69023-5
Rs. 23,584   at       wow.lk
GLOBO Ceiling Lamp Chrome With Silver 40443
Rs. 5,400   at       wow.lk
GLOBO Ceiling Lamp Metal Silver Chrome 48526
Rs. 3,720   at       wow.lk
GLOBO Ceiling Lamp Nickel Matte 41644
Rs. 4,920   at       wow.lk
Kevilton Pendant Holder
Rs. 90   at       daraz.lk
Other Pendant Screw Holder
Rs. 195   at       daraz.lk
Other Pir Ceiling Sensor
Rs. 1,250   at       daraz.lk