Cable & Connector Prices in Sri Lanka

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Anker Premium USB-C Hub With Power Delivery
Rs. 18,233   at
Awei Android Data Line - CL-98
Rs. 638   at
Awei AUX-001 Audio Cable
Rs. 450   at
Awei CL-88 Micro USB Cable
Rs. 938   at
Awei CL-930 Two in one data cable (Red)
Rs. 638   at
AWEI CL-930C Two in One Data Cable (Grey)
Rs. 488   at
AWEI Fast Charging Lighting Cable | CL-93
Rs. 413   at
AWEI Fast Charging Micro USB Cable | CL-81
Rs. 563   at
AWEI Fast Micro USB Charging Cable | CL-96
Rs. 563   at
AWEI Lightning Cable | CL-988
Rs. 375   at