Body Lotion Prices in Sri Lanka

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2 x Dove Lotion Go Fresh 250ml
Rs. 1,130   at
Avon Pack of 3 - Avon Care Bundle
Rs. 4,500   at
Cyclax Aloe Vera Body Lotion 200ml
Rs. 899   at
Femina Herbal Beauty Lotion 10ml Two Packs
Rs. 1,647   at
Goree Body Lotion
Rs. 775   at
Goree Moisturizing Lotion
Rs. 775   at
Grace Cole Passion  &  Guava  Body  Butter  235g
Rs. 1,875   at
Grace Cole Peach & Pear Body Butter 235g
Rs. 1,875   at
Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion - 300ml
Rs. 650   at
L'ANZA Healing Remedy Cleanser 300ml
Rs. 4,100   at
Malibu High Protection SPF 30 Lotion 100ml
Rs. 1,100   at