Automotive Equipment Prices in Sri Lanka

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Catchme Multi Purpose Wrench
Rs. 699   at
Getsun De-Rust Lubricating G-2013 - 450ml
Rs. 455   at
Getsun Wheel Cleaner And Polish - 500ml
Rs. 655   at
Other 2.4
Rs. 3,250   at
Other Auto Body Shiner	500ml
Rs. 750   at
Other Evershine Brake Cleaner  500 ml
Rs. 600   at
Other Fix It Pro Car Scratch Removal Pen
Rs. 230   at
Other Getsun Rubbing Compound G-3011
Rs. 2,175   at
Other Heavy Duty Tow Rope - 7000kg
Rs. 1,300   at
Other Sprayzet Bearing Solvent 700ml
Rs. 600   at
Other Tyre Shiner Spray	150ml
Rs. 335   at