Adapter Prices in Sri Lanka

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128GB Ultra MicroSD Card W/O Adaptor

Rs. 4,960   at
64GB Ultra MicroSD Card W/O Adaptor

Rs. 2,360   at
Adapter-Asus W/L USB-AC53 Nano(1Y)

Rs. 4,250   at       barclays
Apple 20W Adapter

Rs. 5,782   at
awei c36  4usb ac travel adapter

Rs. 6,700   at
Converter-Asus USB C To Mic Adapter(N/W)

Rs. 8,250   at       barclays
Converter-Lightning HDMI/VGA Adapter(3M)

Rs. 6,500   at       barclays
HOCO Apple HDMI Cable Adapter

Rs. 4,900   at
hp adaptor  65w usb type-c

Rs. 5,500   at
hp big pin 19.5v adaptor

Rs. 4,500   at
Original Anker 30W Atom PD1 Power Adapter

Rs. 8,280   at