Adapter Prices in Sri Lanka

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anirmalan Nano Sim Adapter Set
Rs. 200   at
Apple 12w Usb Power Adapter
Rs. 2,813   at
Apple Apple Magsafe 1 2 Power Adapter 85W
Rs. 12,500   at
Apple Lightning To 3.5mm Headphone Adapter-Fae
Rs. 2,400   at
Baseus Rapid Series 3 In 1 Blue Cable
Rs. 2,000   at
Belkin 4-Port USB Hub
Rs. 8,200   at
BHB Usb Hub 7 Port
Rs. 600   at
Dcp Link 300Mbps Wireless Nano Usb Adapter
Rs. 1,750   at
havit Universal Ac Adapter – Hv-N90w
Rs. 3,333   at
Neo HDMI to VGA Adapter
Rs. 1,236   at
Neo Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter
Rs. 1,706   at
Neo USB 2.0 Ethernet Adaptor
Rs. 1,236   at
nOw lk USB 2.0 Mini USB Bluetooth Adapter
Rs. 420   at
Other Mobile Phone OTG Connect kit
Rs. 188   at
Other Multi Nano Sim Adapter
Rs. 240   at
Other Nano Sim Adapters
Rs. 200   at
Other Notebook Adapter 40w
Rs. 3,085   at