Waffle Maker Prices in Sri Lanka

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10% Off Clear ST15 Waffle Maker ST-15
Rs. 2,720   at       MyStore.lk
Ariete Donuts & Cookie Maker-0189
Rs. 3,992   at       wow.lk
Richsonic Sandwich Maker RHS 186
Rs. 1,852   at       wow.lk
Richsonic Waffle Maker - RHS189
Rs. 1,750   at       Takas.lk
Sanford Sandwich Maker SF-9924ST
Rs. 3,220   at       wow.lk
Singer Waffle Maker KA LW 185A
Rs. 3,999   at       wow.lk
Sokany Waffle Maker with extra plate
Rs. 3,700   at       Takas.lk
Sokany Waffle Maker- KJ-108
Rs. 1,970   at       Takas.lk