Torch Prices in Sri Lanka

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Aiko LED Torch
Rs. 450   at
Bajaj Smart Glow 0.5W SLEEK-DB LED Torch
Rs. 360   at
Bajaj Smartglow 0.5W Sleek LED Torch
Rs. 294   at
Geepas GFL3899 Torch with MP3 Player and Radio
Rs. 1,300   at
Jiage YD-805 Rechargeable LED Torch
Rs. 690   at
Living Concepts Glass Lantern  - 8708
Rs. 3,353   at
Living Concepts Lantern - 8780
Rs. 1,118   at
Living Concepts Tin lantern  - 8804
Rs. 765   at
Living Concepts Tin lantern  - 8805
Rs. 765   at
Lonen SP01-09 Torch with Side Lights
Rs. 890   at
Lonen SP01-91 Torch
Rs. 269   at
LONEN Torch With Side Lights - SP01-09
Rs. 1,113   at
Nippon Rechargeable Torch 0.5W NPN-005
Rs. 240   at
Nippon Rechargeable Torch 1W NPN-810
Rs. 590   at
Nippon Rechargeable Torch with Single LED
Rs. 340   at
Nippon Torch - NPN 031A
Rs. 680   at
Other Disco Camping Light
Rs. 1,249   at
Other Flash Light
Rs. 450   at