Toaster Prices in Sri Lanka

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10% Off Clear ST17 Sandwich Toaster ST-17
Rs. 1,810   at
4% Off Panasonic 2 Slice Pop Up Toaster NT-GP1
Rs. 4,440   at
9% Off Clear STO6A Sandwich Toaster ST-06A
Rs. 2,270   at
Black & Decker 19L Toaster Oven - TRO2000R
Rs. 11,628   at
Clear 2 In 1 Waffle and Sandwich Toaster ST-25
Rs. 3,565   at
Maps Sandwich Toaster MPS SW064
Rs. 1,760   at
Moulinex Sandwich Toaster  MXSM154040
Rs. 3,599   at       Singer
Philips 2 Slot Toaster HD4815/80
Rs. 4,230   at
Philips 700W Non-Stick Sandwich Toaster HD2393
Rs. 4,950   at
Philips Daily Collection Toaster HD2595
Rs. 4,830   at
Philips Pop Up Toaster HD2595
Rs. 4,703   at