Rice Cooker Prices in Sri Lanka

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Abans Rice Cooker - 2.8L
Rs. 4,000   at       daraz.lk
Abans Rice Cooker - 2.8L
Rs. 4,833   at       daraz.lk
Abans Rice Cooker 1.8L
Rs. 3,179   at       daraz.lk
Abans Rice Cooker 2.8L
Rs. 4,000   at       daraz.lk
Bajaj MAJESTY RCX18 Multifunction Cooker
Rs. 3,240   at       Takas.lk
Bajaj Majesty RCX18 Multifunction Cooker
Rs. 3,075   at       wow.lk
Bajaj MAJESTY RCX22 DELUX Multifunction Cooker
Rs. 3,410   at       Takas.lk
Black & Decker 4.5L Rice Cooker RC4500
Rs. 10,925   at       wow.lk
Bright 2.8l Rice Cooker
Rs. 3,625   at       daraz.lk
Bright Bright Pressure Cooker
Rs. 62,406,200   at       daraz.lk
Bright Electric Rice Cooker 2.2L (BR-490)
Rs. 3,800   at       daraz.lk
Bright Rice Cooker
Rs. 3,239   at       daraz.lk
Bright Rice Cooker - 1.8L
Rs. 3,365   at       daraz.lk
Bright Rice Cooker With Pressure Cooker
Rs. 8,115   at       daraz.lk
Butterfly Rice Cooker - 1.8L
Rs. 4,235   at       wow.lk
Butterfly Rice Cooker - 2.2L
Rs. 4,950   at       wow.lk
Butterfly Rice Cooker-22- 2.8L
Rs. 5,294   at       wow.lk
DBL Electric Multi Rice Cooker  1.8L
Rs. 5,638   at       daraz.lk