Oven Prices in Sri Lanka

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BBQ Oval Oven
Rs. 3,550   at       Takas.lk
Beko Gas Burner & Oven  B-FSST62111DX
Rs. 76,499   at       Singer
Beko Gas Burner & Oven  B-GG15113GX
Rs. 113,189   at       Singer
Candy electric Oven with 3 Burners + Hot Plate
Rs. 90,790   at       wow.lk
Indesit FGIM K Gas Oven FIM 20 K.A
Rs. 87,400   at       wow.lk
Indesit FGIM.K (IX) S - Electric Built In Oven
Rs. 92,000   at       Takas.lk
Indesit FGIM.K.(BK)S - Electric Built in Oven
Rs. 88,500   at       Takas.lk
Indesit FIM 20 K.A Electric Oven
Rs. 61,111   at       wow.lk
Indesit FIM.20K.A(IX) - Electric Built in Oven
Rs. 68,750   at       Takas.lk
Indesit FIM20.K.(BK)S - Electric Built in Oven
Rs. 66,000   at       Takas.lk
Indesit I6TG1G (X) EX F083802 Gas Cooker
Rs. 116,423   at       wow.lk
LG 30L Microwave Oven – MS3042G
Rs. 17,999   at       Wasi.lk
LG Microwave Oven 20L – MS2042D
Rs. 13,750   at       Wasi.lk
LG Microwave Oven 30L – MH7042G
Rs. 20,499   at       Wasi.lk
National Electric Oven CK 20B 2KG 20L
Rs. 8,000   at       wow.lk