Mobile Charger Prices in Sri Lanka

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Anker QI Wireless Charger Black 71ANWCP-BSA
Rs. 4,480   at
Apple USB Power Adapter
Rs. 2,100   at
Budi Dual USB Home Wall Charger M8J940U
Rs. 2,300   at
Data Sync Cable for Apple iPhone 5/5S/6/6+
Rs. 2,100   at
DCP MWC001 - Wireless Charger
Rs. 3,080   at
DCP-Link for Samsung Note 3 DCP-WCNOTE3
Rs. 1,056   at
DCP-Link for Samsung S3 DCP-WCS3
Rs. 1,056   at
DCP-Link for Samsung S5 DCP-WCS5
Rs. 1,056   at
Deklo- Slim Universal Laptop Charger
Rs. 3,900   at
iPhone 5 and Above Data/Charging Cable
Rs. 750   at
iPhone 8 pin Charger
Rs. 2,500   at
Microsoft Dual Portable Charger
Rs. 8,056   at
New 2 Slot Charger with 2PC 1300mAh
Rs. 1,299   at
Orico Data Cable- Micro B
Rs. 1,650   at
Orico Data Cable- Type-C to C
Rs. 1,650   at