Medical Supply & Equipment Prices in Sri Lanka

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Adjustable/Powder Coated Steel Bed - Two Section
Rs. 42,353   at
Air Ring
Rs. 1,059   at
Baby Scale Digital
Rs. 17,647   at
Bed rest
Rs. 4,118   at
Blood Glucose Meter
Rs. 3,111   at
Commode chair - White
Rs. 7,941   at
Commode Stand with Bucket
Rs. 4,412   at
Dailydeals Anti-Snoring Nose Clip
Rs. 384   at
Dailydeals Pain Relief Band
Rs. 780   at
Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Rs. 23,529   at
Kidscart lk Nasal Aspirator
Rs. 450   at
Moving Walker with Wheel
Rs. 5,588   at
Other Hot & Cold Gel Pack
Rs. 1,100   at
Other Instant Measurement
Rs. 3,900   at
Other Light Firming Women's Slimming Oil
Rs. 1,750   at
Other Pill Pro
Rs. 600   at
Other Pill Pro
Rs. 600   at
Other Slimming Belt - Blue
Rs. 980   at
Other Trusty Cane
Rs. 1,700   at