Industrial Equipment Prices in Sri Lanka

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1D Barcode 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner YHD-3100
Rs. 10,065   at
1D Barcode Wired Laser Scanner YHD-8200
Rs. 3,340   at
2D Barcode Reader For Supermarkets - YHD-9200
Rs. 21,495   at
2D wired Barcode Scanner - YHD-6800
Rs. 10,185   at
BIXOLON IFJ-EP - Print Server
Rs. 7,990   at       Omentra
Diamond Diamond and Gem Tester / Selector
Rs. 5,499   at
FEC AP-2029MU Stand Customer Display
Rs. 15,985   at
FEC AP3615 - Touch Screen Terminal
Rs. 182,850   at       Omentra
Richco - WL 9 Workman Locker
Rs. 16,400   at
Shoppers Hub\u2122 Sealer - 300mm
Rs. 2,813   at
Syble XB-2058 Barcode Scanner With Stand
Rs. 6,650   at
Syble XB-3080 Omni Directional Barcode Scanner
Rs. 20,125   at
Syble XB-5108R Wireless Barcode Scanner
Rs. 17,825   at
Winsoft\u2122 POS-Cash Drawer PS420C
Rs. 10,270   at
ZEBEX Z3100 - Handheld Scanner
Rs. 11,000   at       Omentra
Zebex Z3101 Barcode Scanner
Rs. 12,000   at