Hand Tool Prices in Sri Lanka

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Bright Rice Cooker 6L – Bright (SK200)
Rs. 8,625   at       daraz.lk
Dewalt Drill Bit Broca Mecha 12mm
Rs. 450   at       daraz.lk
DeWalt Screwdriver DW266
Rs. 37,050   at       wow.lk
DeWalt Screwdriver DW269
Rs. 38,475   at       wow.lk
easyhome INGCO 50M Fibreglass Measuring Tape
Rs. 1,490   at       wow.lk
easyhome Screwdriver for Drywall INGCO ESD5501
Rs. 11,090   at       wow.lk
Heavy Duty Spray Gun CX-005
Rs. 5,990   at       wow.lk
INGCO Aspirator Blower 400W AB4018
Rs. 3,400   at       wow.lk
INGCO Combination Plier HCP08200
Rs. 699   at       wow.lk
INGCO Diagonal Cutting Pliers HDCP08160
Rs. 540   at       wow.lk
INGCO Electrode Holder
Rs. 1,090   at       wow.lk
Other 24 pc ½ Drive Metric Socket Wrench Set
Rs. 2,875   at       daraz.lk
Other 25 Pcs Socket             
Rs. 2,182   at       daraz.lk
Other 300W Soldering Iron - Big nose
Rs. 1,750   at       daraz.lk
Other 31 in 1 Screwdriver Set
Rs. 470   at       daraz.lk
Other 31 in 1 Screwdriver Tool Kit
Rs. 380   at       daraz.lk
Other 31 In 1 Screwdriver Tool Kit
Rs. 260   at       daraz.lk
Other 8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver With Torch
Rs. 300   at       daraz.lk
Other Adjustable Wrech
Rs. 908   at       daraz.lk