Grocery Prices in Sri Lanka

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Capilano 250g Manuka Npa 5+ Pet Bottle
Rs. 1,925   at
Cardamom Powder Conventional
Rs. 145   at
Chili Powder Roasted conventional
Rs. 59   at
Chili Powder Unroasted conventional
Rs. 59   at
Cinnamon Powder C4
Rs. 112   at
Cinnamon Sticks Alba
Rs. 158   at
Cinnamon Sticks C4
Rs. 153   at
Cloves Organic
Rs. 163   at
Cloves Powder Organic
Rs. 168   at
Coopoliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml
Rs. 1,134   at
Coopoliva Olive Oil -1 ltr
Rs. 2,026   at
Coopoliva Olive Oil -4 ltr
Rs. 6,101   at
Coopoliva Spanish Black Olives -450g
Rs. 470   at
Gift Pack With 6 Glass Bottles
Rs. 2,465   at
Happy Cow Cheese Round Box Portion - 120g
Rs. 306   at
Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
Rs. 584   at
Heinz Malt Vinegar -355ml
Rs. 662   at
Mazza Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L
Rs. 1,260   at
Moringa Powder conventional
Rs. 122   at