Exercise Bike Prices in Sri Lanka

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24% Off Quantum X-Bike (Q-Bike) 1 QT-X-BIKE
Rs. 19,900   at       MyStore.lk
25% Off Quantum X-Bike (Q-Bike) 2 QT-X-BIKE
Rs. 21,900   at       MyStore.lk
Body Crunch + X Bike
Rs. 22,900   at       wow.lk
Easyhome Neo Orbitrek Elite
Rs. 25,990   at       wow.lk
Quantum Body Crunch + X Bike QT-BC-XB
Rs. 22,900   at       MyStore.lk
Quantum Body Trainer Body-Trainer
Rs. 17,900   at       MyStore.lk
Quantum Body Trainer with Seat Body-Trainer
Rs. 18,900   at       MyStore.lk
Singer Mountain Bike BY-S-FS26
Rs. 17,299   at       wow.lk
X-Bike 1
Rs. 19,900   at       wow.lk