Cloth Rack Prices in Sri Lanka

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3 Tier Cloth Rack
Rs. 6,900   at
A - ONE  Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 3,200   at
Full Stainless Steel Cloth Rack
Rs. 3,250   at
GIMI Crono X-legs Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 6,210   at
GIMI Zaffiro X-legs Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 10,870   at
High Quality Foldable Cloth Drying Rack
Rs. 2,500   at
House Cloth Dryer
Rs. 3,990   at
Limax Stainless Steel Cloth Rack
Rs. 4,440   at
Powder Coated Foldable Indoor Drying Rack
Rs. 1,890   at
Stainless Steel Cloth Rack
Rs. 2,950   at
Sun Smart Wall Mounted Drying Rack 15M
Rs. 4,990   at
Sun Smart Wall Mounted Drying Rack 25M
Rs. 5,490   at
Tramontina 91854182 Drying Rack With Wings
Rs. 8,190   at