Bathroom Fixture Prices in Sri Lanka

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4 Double Hook-260016
Rs. 2,145   at
Bathroom Shelves
Rs. 799   at
Camry Bathroom Scale
Rs. 1,050   at
Corner Rack-261008
Rs. 2,078   at
Cosmetic Mirror-260132
Rs. 924   at
Cup Holder-260025
Rs. 925   at
Double Hook-260015
Rs. 768   at
Hair Dryer Holder-261005
Rs. 758   at
Homelux Shower Caddy 15914
Rs. 1,300   at
Remax Bathroom Kit
Rs. 1,990   at
Revolve Push Bib Tap
Rs. 3,750   at
Revolve Shower Mixer with Riser Pipe Set D20
Rs. 20,000   at
Revolve Stainless Steel Rain Shower 6x6
Rs. 1,750   at