Bathroom Accessory Prices in Sri Lanka

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Bathroom Accessory Set
Rs. 900   at
Camry Body Weighing Bathroom Scale
Rs. 2,150   at
ChoiceLK\u2122 Jesopb Wash Rinse Filter Shower
Rs. 1,850   at
ChoiceLK\u2122 Mobile Towel Rack
Rs. 1,790   at
HSG\u2122 Ceramic Soap Dispenser
Rs. 1,063   at
HSG\u2122 Pink Soap Dispenser – Curved
Rs. 775   at
HSG\u2122 Toothbrush Holder & Soap Tray
Rs. 2,225   at
Innovations Toothpaste Dispenser
Rs. 500   at
J&S\u2122 Soap Dish Holder
Rs. 425   at
Lada\u2122 Brush Holder
Rs. 935   at
LankaHouseware Soap Box -Brown
Rs. 206   at
LankaHouseware Soap Box -Purple
Rs. 206   at
Lino lk Green Bathroom Shelf
Rs. 750   at
Lino lk Sponge Holder with Soap Dispenser
Rs. 300   at
MULTI DEAL Soap Box Holder With Suction Cup
Rs. 500   at
One Stop lk Steel Mesh Bin 1403
Rs. 1,844   at
Other 180KG Body Weighing Scaler - Square
Rs. 1,850   at