Bathroom Accessory Prices in Sri Lanka

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BHB Electric Tooth Brush
Rs. 1,350   at
Camry Mechanical Scale
Rs. 1,500   at
Cool & Cool Compressed Dry Tissue
Rs. 295   at
Dailydeals Digital LCD Bathroom Body Scale
Rs. 2,740   at
Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Pink Power 500ml
Rs. 205   at
EcoSoft Toilet Roll Single - 260 Sheets
Rs. 40   at
House Cloth Dryer Regular 02002b
Rs. 4,499   at
House Cloth Dryer Stainless 02020
Rs. 7,299   at
House Cloth Dryer With Two Wheels 02021a2
Rs. 4,499   at
Kich Brush Holder
Rs. 6,450   at
Kich Napkin Ring
Rs. 1,995   at
Kich Tooth Paste & Brush Holder
Rs. 2,950   at
Kich Towel Rod
Rs. 2,080   at
Lino lk Blue Bathroom Shelf
Rs. 750   at
Lino lk Shower Head
Rs. 2,100   at
M CoCo 3 Tier Basket
Rs. 5,600   at
M CoCo Clear Soap Dish Holder  GB-  700014
Rs. 1,600   at
M CoCo Double Tumbler & Holder GB 700017
Rs. 2,200   at
Nesh Baby bath tub - 4 stages
Rs. 103,125   at