Air Cooler Prices in Sri Lanka

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Bajaj Platini Torque PX97 Air Cooler 480057
Rs. 13,775   at
Bright Air Cooler With Inverter
Rs. 24,990   at
Fujicool Portable Evaporative Air Cooler
Rs. 18,500   at
Nippon Rechargeable Air Cooler
Rs. 15,990   at
Other Ceiling Fan Air Cooler - Br 14-01 Cf
Rs. 7,250   at
Other Honeywell Air Cooler - 18L
Rs. 27,380   at
Other Rechargeable Air Cooler
Rs. 18,499   at
Other Symphony Air Cooler ACOPE193
Rs. 31,125   at
Symphony Air Cooler - DiET 12i  SYM-DIET-12I
Rs. 16,999   at       Singer
Symphony Air Cooler - DiET 22i  SYM-DIET-22I
Rs. 22,099   at       Singer
Symphony Air Cooler - DiET 8i  SYM-DIET-8I
Rs. 12,399   at       Singer
Symphony Air Cooler - Winter i  SYM-WIN-50I
Rs. 33,999   at       Singer
Symphony Air Cooler DiET 22i - 22 Liters
Rs. 25,999   at
Rs. 28,999   at
Symphony Diet 8i 6L Air Cooler with Remote
Rs. 14,999   at
SYMPHONY diet air cooler SYM-DIET-12I
Rs. 18,999   at
Symphony diet air cooler SYM-DIET-8I
Rs. 29,998   at
SYMPHONY diet air coolers SYM-DIET-22I
Rs. 24,999   at
Symphony SYM-DIET-22I 22L Air Cooler with Remote
Rs. 22,999   at